Wicked Websites

You’re one in a (400) million

There are about two billion websites in the world but fewer than 400 million are actually active and doing stuff. What are you doing with yours? Do you even have one? Does Google like it? Do you like it?

What your website is telling the world

The world is changing—that’s no surprise—and if you think back to Thomas Watson’s famous prediction from 1943 a lot has changed: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” T. Watson, CEO IBM (1943).

But then again a lot stays the same—people will always hunger for information they can trust before making decisions. They will do research. They will ask family and friends for advice. And they will pay attention to the details.

So what makes a good website? Ensuring your customers can find the information they’re looking for (and maybe stuff they didn’t know they needed know), creating trust that you are the best choice, and connecting them with you to make a sale.

National accessArts Centre Website

National accessArts Centre

The National accessArts Centre (NaAC) is Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization. Today, the NaAC supports more than 300 artists living with developmental and/or physical disabilities through on-site studio supports and workshops, and an even broader community of Canadian artists with disabilities through immersive programs delivered online.

URL:  accessarts.ca
SPECIAL NOTES:  This website was built after NaAC went through a re-brand to better tell the story of this amazing organization and engage their artists but as importantly their supporters.

Kevin Gray Interiors Website

Kevin Gray Interiors

Kevin Gray Interiors is one of the most sought-after designers for timber frame homes in the world. His website sees a lot of directed traffic and is designed to show their work in all the glorious detail.

URL: kevingrayinteriors.com
SPECIAL NOTES:  This site was built to showcase their extraordinary work and includes stunning hero videos, high-resolution photo galleries (managed to load quickly), and showcases of completed projects — people sign-up to follow their new posts.

Talnea Machining and Manufacturing Website

Talnea Technologies

Talnea is a busy close-tolerance machine shop based in Calgary, Alberta serving North America. They have an incredible array of equipment and ability to manufacture parts for virtually anything.

URL: talnea.com
SPECIAL NOTES: Talnea is in a very saturated market and needed to stand out based on their manufacturing processes and abilities, while at the same time increasing their SEO and findability across major search engines.

Range Warrior Accessories Website

Range Warrior Accessories

Range Warrior Accessories is a shooting support accessories company located in Canada. They produce and sell high-quality, affordably-priced accessories for shooting enthusiasts.

URL: rangewarrioraccessories.com
SPECIAL NOTES: E-Commerce website that sees a lot of traffic and transactions. This site also includes an inventory management system for their huge number of various products.

Corporate Culture Shift Website

Corporate Culture Shift

Ken Cameron helps companies and nonprofits leverage their organizational culture to turn ordinary employees into high performers.

URL: corporate-culture-shift.com
SPECIAL NOTES:  Built from the ground up based on BrandJitsu™ methodology this website has a myriad of technical wonders driving connection and support between Ken and his clients — from his online store to automated email campaigns.

Loose Moose TV

Loose Moose TV

The Loose Moose Theatre Company was one of the first improvisational theatres worldwide — founded in 1977 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During the last year we haven’t been able to perform live so we’ve taken the opportunity to create something new for our audiences — short films.

URL:  loosemoose.tv
SPECIAL NOTES:  This site was specifically built with a PAYWALL for videos so people could buy a ticket to one of the shows and then watch it at their leisure.

Michael Dargie Website

Michael Dean Dargie

The owner of MD&A INC. ‘Make More Creative’ as well as the producer and host of The RebelRebel Podcast and Dropbear and Panda Productionz, this website was designed to look like part of a family of sites and focus on his work as a creative zealot.

URL: michaeldargie.com
SPECIAL NOTES: Regular publishing and updates is an important part of this website — the theme and framework behind the scenes makes it easy to update and change the site as he does more and more things.


Dropbear and Panda

Dropbear and Panda Productionz is an ongoing adventure with Michael Dean Dargie and Jennifer MacLean. DB&P produce a regular podcast which was nominated as one of the best comedy podcasts in the world, and they create regular off-beat content for film and theatre.

URL:  dropbearandpanda.tv
SPECIAL NOTES:  Built to be part of the ‘Make More Creative’ family along with an integrated chatbot and storefront, Dropbear and Panda have an audience in 84 countries.

The RebelRebel Podcast

The RebelRebel Podcast

The RebelRebel Podcast is a regular podcast on creative rebels and entrepreneurs and enjoys audiences in 57 coutries. This website is part of the ‘Make More Creative’ family of websites and supports the project with the ease and ability to make regular content updates.

URL: therebelrebelpodcast.com
SPECIAL NOTES:  This site was specifically built as part of the ‘Make More Creative’ creative project family and includes the same chatbot integration as well as a connection to the podcast distribution channel.