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2024 Student Professional Development Conference

Harnessing AI in Everyday Life and Work

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic, and it’s huge. In this talk, Keegan Dargie shares a brief history of how we got here, what is happening now, how he is using the latest AI advancements, and where we (might be) going next. What is the future of work with AI, and how do you harness it in everyday life and work?

SPEAKER: Keegan Dargie
About Keegan Dargie

Keegan is a respected speaker known for his practical insights on applying AI in business and everyday life. With a knack for simplifying complex tech into actionable strategies, he shares his expertise in automating operations and enhancing efficiency with audiences worldwide. His approachable style and deep understanding of the potential Machine Learning offers make his sessions invaluable for anyone looking to leverage AI’s potential.