What story is your website telling the world? And how are you telling it?

Find out with Redline™ by BrandJitsu™ for only $49

Use Redline™ to quickly and succinctly understand how the world is experiencing your brand’s words and website. Take the guesswork out of how you’re positioning yourself.

Brands are weird, complicated, and nuanced beasts. Sometimes, it feels like you have them all figured out and know exactly what they’ll say or do next, and then, in the blink of an eye, they’re off on a bender with their buddies, wandering around like a milk-drunk baby.

Understanding what your brand is saying to the world and how it’s saying it is critical to your brand’s survival. Not to be a downer, but businesses in North America have a 13% survival rate. 

Swing those odds back in your favour, and push that sinking feeling down in less than five minutes. Completing Redline™ by BrandJitsu™can take as little as five minutes or as long as seven. It is very easy and requires very little thinking—it’s mostly pushing buttons.

What you get from the Redline process?

  1. We-to-You Ratio
    The numerical expression of how often you talk about your company over that of your audience or customer. It is based on an algorithm that only looks at your language and is expressed in a decimal format: 0.0 to 1.0+.
  2. We-To-You Analysis
    How are you communicating your message and value proposition? Are you predominantly communicating in the First Person, Second Person, or Third Person? Where do you land on the scale of Company Centric –> Product Oriented –> Balanced –> Customer Responsive –> Customer Evangelist?
  3. Sentiment Analysis
    Is your copywriting optimistic and engaging, professional and informative, or perhaps overly aggressive or passive? This analysis is crucial in understanding the website’s communication with the desired brand image and ensuring it resonates effectively with the intended audience.
  4. Report and Ideas
    Based on the Redline Analysis, you will receive a report that shares all the findings about your business and how it expresses itself, as well as a few examples of how to change your narrative tone.
  5. Invitation for Deeper Analysis
    Connect with one of our brand experts one-on-one and dive deeper into how you are telling your story and how that story might be told in a more engaging way.

What does it cost and how long does it take?

  • Each Redline report costs $49 CAD.
  • Agency rates are available upon request (run multiple Redlines).

How do you go from ‘meh’ to memorable? Find out.