Kickass Creative

A full suite of killer creative services at your disposal

Each and every project starts with a review of where you are, where you’re going, and what you’ve already got. There’s no sense re-inventing the wheel because a wheel might not be what you need—maybe you need a hovercraft with one of those Shark-Mouth paint jobs? Whatever it is you need, it needs to attract attention and get results.

The outward expression of your brand

The outward expression is everything the world experiences about your brand; from your logo to your website to your stationary to how you deal with a crisis.

Full re-brand of logo, positioning, product and service offering represented across all marketing communication for POINT Integrated Data Solutions using the BrandJitsu™ methodology.

Marketing collateral that gets action

Keep your sales funnel humming and arm your sales team to the teeth with the tools they need to consistently win business. Hey, that’s all your marketing collateral has to do. Easy-peasey.

The medium is the message

Sage advice from Canadian media guru, Marshall McLuhan—this was once very true but how true is it today? Your marketing mix has never been so important (and confusing) as it is today but the most important part about it is consistency. You must be telling your story consistently for people to trust you so they feel comfortable buying from you.

Point Banner Stands

“Make More Creative and Michael Dargie restored our faith in brand strategy and design. In two days they were able to accomplish what an agency of 15 people couldn’t in four months.” —DAVE KNIGHT