Make More Creative Collisions at cSPACE


Tuesday, April 30th, 2024
Doors open: 630 PM
One Sick Minute: 7 PM
Event ends: 9 PM

cSPACE Marda Loop
1721 29th Avenue SW
RGO Treehouse (4th Floor)
Calgary, Alberta

3 Important Things:

  1. Get your free ticket(s) to enter the event.
  2. Bring something to eat or drink to add to the “sharing is caring” table.
  3. Consider doing a 60-second pitch about what you’re up to.
Make More Creative Collisions at cSPACE April 30

Welcome to ‘Make More Creative Collisions at cSPACE’ Marda Loop! Get ready to ignite your creativity and connect with like-minded (or radically different) individuals.

Brought to you by Make More Creative and cSPACE Projects.

This event is all about fostering collaboration and sparking new ideas. Whether you’re an artist, business owner, in education, government, an entrepreneur or simply human-curious, this is the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with a diverse community of creative problem solvers and thinkers.

Don’t miss this chance to make new connections, share your passions, and inspire others. Let’s come together and make some magic happen!


Please bring something to eat or drink that you don’t mind sharing—a six-pack of your favourite beer, a bottle of wine, pop or juice, a box of donuts, a pizza, or chips; the world is your oyster. Sure, you could bring oysters. There are tables set up for you to just add your stuff to and then help yourself. We will provide water, plates, cups, and cutlery.


One sick minute starts promptly at 7 PM and allows you to share your story in 60 seconds or less. Please send Bettina a note if you would like to participate