About Make More Creative.

Find, shape, and share your story so everyone gets it.

Make More Creative is a Canadian creative agency that has been helping entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses worldwide since 2006—we’re a family-run business that embodies the spirit of curiosity, exploration, and adventure.

We embrace art and technology from artificial intelligence, aerial intelligence, artistic intelligence, theatre, story and film, writing words on pages, splashing paint on walls, and how it all comes together.

Our mantra is to do cool and interesting stuff with cool and interesting people.

When we engaged Michael Dargie and ‘Make Make More Creative,’ we were looking for a way to find and share our true brand voice—in a very short period of time,

Michael was able to bring together a diverse group of professionals who hadn’t seen each other in more than a year, and they not only helped us get on the same page but inspired us to write the book on Chaordix in a way that invites you into the story.


Michael Dargie and ‘Make More Creative’s’ workshop to our Growth Accelerator program participants was engaging, relevant and exactly what the cohort needed to take their business to the next level.

He answered specific industry questions seamlessly, and many Xers jumped on the opportunity to engage with him at ‘Make More Creative’ for brand and story consultation sessions.

If you learn by example with story, humour and passion, Michael is your entrepreneurial learning Facilitator!


Working with Michael Dargie and the Make More Creative team was exactly what we were looking for. They are consummate professionals who have a proven process and methodology (BrandJitsu) to help us uncover our story and tell it to the world in a way that is understandable, honest, and intriguing.


Michael is one of those rare breeds of creatives that combines design creativity with a super-clear business mind. His company, ‘Make More Creative,’ not only creates the most compelling brands—he crafts a brand strategy that becomes an integral part of your business DNA, your goals, ambitions and values.

He is an expert at what he does—gently but firmly, leading his clients to discover the road they should be taking.

Every time that I’ve seen Michael in action, his creative strategy blows my mind. To add to the mix, he is a superb storyteller and teacher. His enthusiasm for what he does shines in everything he does.


In 2021 cSPACE Projects launched our Creative Incubator Initiative to provide artists with space for project exploration, along with mentored training and peer-learning opportunities to acquire skills to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic. Michael Dargie with ‘Make More Creative’ and BrandJitsu was a critical contributor to this pilot—delivering training to artists in brand development and storytelling.

These sessions were engaging and participatory and fostered meaningful shared learnings for the cohort with immediately useable methods to be deployed in their creative practices. Participants cited Michael’s humour, enthusiasm and clarity of direction while noting they now have the ‘agency’ and have ‘acquired new tools to go out into the world and pursue success with confidence.’

cSPACE unreservedly endorses Dargie’s contributions towards the success of the Incubator by empowering artists with an increased understanding of their artistic value and brand.


Michael has restored our faith in brand strategy and design. In two days, he was able to accomplish what an agency of 15 people couldn’t do in four months. Not only was he able to help us find and shape our company’s unique story and value proposition, but he also helped align our team around a brand we’re all fiercely proud of.

BrandJitsu is fast, effective, meaningful and immediately useable. Once we had our brand clarified, Michael quickly went to work re-aligning our product offering and marketing materials to create a compelling narrative.

We went from four-hour meetings, sometimes getting a ‘Yes!’ to fifteen minutes of ‘Hell yes!’ because our clients immediately understood the value we bring to their businesses.


We engaged Michael Dargie and ‘Make More Creative’ to assist us in our re-branding. The whole process with him was top-notch from start to finish. Our rebranding was concise and guided so that nothing came as an unexpected surprise.

The process included consultation at the initial stages so that we knew exactly what, and more importantly, why we were rebranding and how we would get there.

Learn. Create. Share. Repeat.

Welcome to a world where each word and every pixel matters. A future where your brand doesn’t just exist awash in today’s media landscape but is reshaping it with every stride.

In 2020, we added a powerful new tool to this journey: Artificial Intelligence. With the power of OpenAI and other LLMs, we anticipate trends before they emerge, target your strategies with laser-like precision, and bring your vision to life at a breathtaking pace. Yeah. Lasers.

How about humans? Yes, we work with some of the best in the business anywhere in the world. All of them working with you, using every tool at their disposal to craft the most compelling brands and stories.


Find, Shape, and Share Your Story

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Leave your indelible mark on the world.

With the Make More Creative approach, you’re not just getting a service—you’re creating a story. Your brand’s story told in a way that resonates, inspires, and leaves a mark.

This process is about balance, where wisdom can be witty, professionalism can have a sense of humour, and creativity delivers measurable results. Here, the sky isn’t the limit; it’s just the launchpad.

Whether you’re a fresh-faced start-up or a seasoned brand seeking a fresh perspective, you’ve landed in the right place.

You’re not just building a brand; you’re embarking on an unforgettable adventure. Make your brand more than a name; make it a story that will be told through the ages.

Where are we?

Our studio is in the beautiful cSPACE Marda Loop in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

The studio is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but we work with clients all over the world.

Make More Creative
1721 29th Avenue SW, Studio 415
Calgary, Alberta T2T 6T7

+1 (403) 450-3491

Make More Creative Studio


A Family Business Built on Curiosity

Michael Dargie
Michael DargieFounder + CEO
As an entrepreneur, designer, writer, director, educator, adventurer, speaker, podcast host, filmmaker, and storyteller, Dargie wears many hats. A lotta hats.

Over the past few decades, he’s guided hundreds of small- to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to shine in their respective industries and punch above their weight class. This has been achieved using a unique brand and storytelling methodology he created, known as BrandJitsu™.

Keegan Dargie
Keegan DargiePartner + CTO
Keegan is a whiz at crafting tech that boosts growth, cleverly blending automation and AI like a techno alchemist. He’s transformed tedious tasks into streamlined operations with machine learning and LLM wizardry.

With a knack for solving tough puzzles and a track record of solid results, Keegan’s innovative thinking and organizational skills groove like a well-oiled machine.

Bettina Dargie
Bettina DargieCMO
Meet your go-to marketing maven, passionate about all things retail, fashion, and brand! Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, a minor in Marketing, and a Master’s in International Fashion Marketing, Bettina possesses the perfect blend of business acumen and creative flair.

Skilled at devising killer marketing strategies and mastering the social media game, she’s our one-stop-shop for all marketing needs. Prepare to unleash the power of your brand as she brings her entrepreneurial spirit and stylish thinking to the table.

Kierin Dargie
Kierin DargieFlight Operations
Kierin is in charge of all things that fly. He is an advanced UAV pilot recognized by Transport Canada and has shot reels and reels of aerial cinematography for award-winning short films.

He can also be found flying highly technical UAV photogrammetry and mapping missions for our development and construction clients.

Loki Dargie
Loki DargieMinister of Mischief
Introducing our Minister of Mischief and Chief Sunbeam Tester, Lokimus Prime! With a playful personality and a knack for stirring up fun, Loki takes charge of our team’s mischievous endeavours.

From ensuring office shenanigans to organizing strategic escapes, Loki’s professional responsibilities include keeping the laughter flowing and the energy high. Armed with his favourite spring and string toys, Loki is always ready to pounce on opportunities and keep us entertained with his chatty charm.

Wanda Dargie
Wanda DargieMistress of Mayhem
Will Wanda ever grow into her paws? What about those curly-floppy ears? Wanda is the pup who gets stuff done. When you need crumbs taken care of, a cat tail to nibble, or a sleeping parent to pounce on, she’s your gal.

Wanda is in charge of all things regarding snacks, walks, runs, and belly rubs. She knows Loki is in charge, but she forgets sometimes.