Your story matters

Find, shape, and share your story so everyone gets it.

You’re being faced with a lot of business challenges lately and despite all your requests and strongly worded letters to the Universe, there are still only 24 hours in a day. Sometimes all it takes to move forward is to get a different point of view, to be challenged on why you’re doing what you’re doing, and to connect with a kickass team that has a long record of getting shit done at the highest level.

Use focused creativity to solve business problems

If you want to attract more of your ideal customer, or find a way to tell your story better so it resonates and engages your target audience, or if you need to inspire your team to even higher levels, it has to come from a place of creative problem solving

Lateral thinking for measurable business results

We use the powerful BrandJitsu™ methodolgy to help our clients find, shape, and share their story so they can make a meaningful difference in the world.

And some times we just do stuff just for fun.

BrandJitsu Book Cover - Creating a Kickass Brand

The Art and Science of Creating a Kickass Brand

BrandJitsu™ is the result of decades of experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to help shape and share their stories with the world.

It takes the complicated concept of ‘brand’ and simplifies it through the framework of stagecraft and battle-tested hand-to-hand combat philosophy. What? Combat and business and stage? Crazy.

There are no magic beans, no secret handshakes, just a simple and elegant way to share your unique story and promise with people who want what you’ve got.

Learn more about makes BrandJitsu a practical and effective methodology for creating kickass brands.

Creative Services

Full Service Creative

From brand discovery and development, to campaign design and delivery, we’ve got you covered and can tie it all together across every medium.

> Logo design and brand standards.
> Copywriting — writers room, table reads, and script development.
> Website design — development, hosting, and management.
> Marketing collateral — from stationary, to brochures and banners, to small-run packaging, to large format printing and installations.
> Video and movie production — direction, animation, SFX, and editing.
> Audio and music production — direction, voice, and editing.
> Workshops and Events — that make all the difference.

Learn more about our full suite of creative services.

Live Events

Keynotes, workshops, and talks

You’re facing any number of challenges day-to-day, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up, solopreneur, small-business, or Fortune 500 company, moving forward with purpose and confidence is freakin’ hard.

Super-charge your next quarter with talks, workshops, and events specifically designed to make an immediate and measurable impact on your team and business.

Learn more about featured talks, Town Halls, custom events, keynotes, workshops, and hosting.

  • Shylo Victoria Testimonial
    I recently experienced Michael Dargie speak on the topic of BrandJitsu; Wow! What a great speaker and teacher able to impart an abundance of knowledge in a way I could understand and use immediately. His strategy is simple, yet when he breaks it down it really makes you think about your brand in a whole new light. After his class not only did I had a ton of new and exciting ideas, I was filled with renewed energy and motivation to take my brand to the next level! If you have a chance to see Michael speak, don’t miss it. Highly recommended!
    Shylo Victoria
    Shylo Victoria
  • Neville Chamberlain Testimonial
    Michael is one of those rare breeds of creatives that combines design creativity with a super-clear business mind. He not only creates the most compelling brands – he crafts brand strategy that becomes an integral part of your business DNA, your goals, ambitions and values. He is expert at what he does – gently but firmly leading his clients to discover the road they really should be taking. Every time that I’ve seen Michael in action his creative strategy blows my mind. To add to the mix, he is a superb storyteller and teacher. His enthusiasm for what he does shines in everything he does.
  • Kat Phelan
    When we were looking for an expert to join our cohort of teachers on how we can use and create video and social media to spread our message of STEAM, I immediately thought of Michael Dargie. He connected right away to our group with his humor and expertise. Michael eased teacher concerns with his examples and gave excellent advice and encouragement, building teacher confidence in their ability to take on these challenges. Thanks Michael! I can’t wait to see the amazing things we make.
    Kat Phelan
    Stem Learning Lab
  • Jessica Webber
    The 7-Touch Exploding Brand Technique™ is as entertaining and engaging as you could wish from a theatre athlete; it outlines a clear, logical, and sometimes surprising line of progression to brand development and deployment following his mantra: ‘Keep it Simple’. I came away from the session excited to revisit the way I think about my story.
    Jessica Webber
    All the Things
  • Ken Cameron
    Michael’s Brand DNA workshop gave me a vision, purpose and direction for my brand and my company. His interactive and creative approach was equal parts intuitive and analytical, allowing me to draw on what I already know, uncover what I didn’t know I already knew, and dive right into what I had always thought was unknowable. It also gave me unexpected insights into my communication style, my social media presence, my business plan and myself. It’s as effective as a patient performing a forensic diagnostic on themselves while still alive, but without any of the blood, pain and horror usually associated with such activities.
    Ken Cameron
    Corporate Culture Shift
  • Scott Pym Testimonial
    Michael’s talk on the ‘7-Touch Exploding Brand Technique™’ was a blast — he’s very informative and funny, like a down to earth Brand Samurai.
    Scott Pym-Hember
    The Company Inc.
  • Angela Merzib Testimonial
    Michael’s talk on BrandJitsu was not only informative but also engaging and entertaining. He was extremely generous about sharing his knowledge and really captured the essence of what it means to have a standout brand. He gave the audience bite-sized, actionable steps that we could start using to build out our brand’s personality right away.
    Angela Merzib
    Brand Strategist
  • Adam Calver Testimonial
    Michael Dargie is expressive, bold, exciting and overall joy to watch. You can tell he cares about his audience and wants entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business-owners alike to have easy-to-use tools to build their brand and tell our story; inspiring us to achieve even higher levels personally and in business. I can’t wait for more talks and content around BrandJitsu!
    Adam Calver
    Head On First Aid
  • Bryan Schultz Testimonial
    For years Michael has been working with me to clarify my brand and message using an incredible system called BrandJitsu. Part of his philosophy is to ruthlessly recognize and remove words and false narrative and replace them with only the stuff that matters. How do you find what matters? Work with Michael and BrandJitsu’s simple and effective framework to find and share your story.
    Bryan Schulz, CEO
    Seescape Systems
  • Sean Young Testimonial
    Michael is a creative problem-solver to his very core. As a communicator he can sort out what to say and how to say it. As an artist, he brings creative mastery, as a team member he brings the highest degree of personal and professional dedication. Very few people have the kind of ability and willingness to forge a path through the status quo with intention, sincerity and insight that Michael brings to the table.
    M. Sean Young
    e2 and Associates
  • Dallas Paquette Testimonial
    You remember that terrier from those Kibbles and Bits commercials? Well, that’s Michael. I’ve never seen anyone with so much creative energy. It is impossible to sit down and discuss an idea with him and not believe in short order that it’s not only possible, but a moral imperative to make it so.
    Dallas Paquette
    Lift Renovations
  • Carrie Tuttle Testimonial
    When I first met with Michael, I didn’t feel I was even ready to start branding. Then he asked me my story and showed me that my brand was already part of me—he just needed to shine a light on it so I could see it too.
  • Dave Knight Testimonial

    Michael has restored our faith in brand strategy and design. In two days he was able to accomplish what an agency of 15 people couldn’t do in four months. Not only was he able to help us find and shape our company’s unique story and value proposition but also helped align our team around a brand we’re all fiercely proud of. BrandJitsu is fast, effective, meaningful and immediately useable. Once we had our brand clarified Michael quickly went to work re-aligning our product offering and marketing materials to create a compelling narrative. We went from four-hour meetings sometimes getting a ‘Yes!’ to fifteen minutes of ‘Hell yes!’ because our clients immediately understood the value we bring to their businesses.

    Dave Knight, COO
    Point Integrated Data Solutions
  • Jennifer Radke Testimonial
    In the last year or so, I have attended a number of presentations, speeches and conversation nights about podcasting. What makes Michael’s talk different is his truly unique perspective, as someone who is working on two successful podcasts. I really enjoyed his relaxed presentation style that invited questions and kept the atmosphere fun, but at the same time, his presentation was very structured which ensured everyone walked away with a solid knowledge base of the topic.
    Jennifer Radke
    I Wish I Were Me
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